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Welcome from Jacqueline

Non Denomination Officiant

I was ordained as a non-denominational pastor in 2006.  Since then, I've had the honor to serve and assist many individuals, couples/partners and families throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County with their unique and memorable ceremonies.

Today, it is not uncommon for an individual, couple or family not to have one place they call their “home” church or be affiliated with one specific denomination.


With so much diversity these days, the one common desire for these individuals, couples and families is a spiritual reverence within their ceremony and day.


I serve all of the Orange County and Los Angeles County . My specialization is Beach Weddings and Scatterings at Sea.

  Jeff and Carol Hawkins

"We were able to choose a ceremony and it was as if we had written it ourselves. It was beautiful and fit us so perfectly. During the ceremony, we were given time to laugh and cry, but, were kept on track with charm and patience. Even the rehearsal was much calmer with her there."

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