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Celebration of Life Services

Are you someone who wants to honor the passing of a loved one but aren't sure where to start?

It can be a difficult time for you, your family and friends. 

I realize many people do not have a home church or a minister to rely on.

There is a growing trend toward unique, elegant and affordable celebration of life services that might not be held in a church or mortuary chapel.

Your ceremony (celebration) should be an authentic expression of your memories along with honoring the unique life experience of your loved one.

This service can be traditional, modern, and serious or not. I'm here to assist you in capturing the spirit of your loved one as you choose to remember them. Affirming your relationship this way, honors their life as well as your own need to begin the healing process.

Scattering of your love one's remains (ashes) at sea and/or another special location has always been a lovely way to return your love one to nature. Gathering family and friends at the site of choice, along with a service of celebration, allows everyone to come away with a sense of closure.

Call or email today to discuss your many options.

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