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Celebration of Life Readings, Prayers and More...

First and foremost my condolences to you and your family for your lost.

As you are considering all the arrangements for your loved one's memorial/celebration of their life it has been my experience that some guidance regarding additional readings, prayers, other words and ceremonies is helpful to the families I've assisted over the years.

 Below I have attached sample words that can easily be incorporated into your celebration. Brief understanding on how different faiths perceive funerals, memorials and what I best assist in is Celebration of Life.

Remember, keep things simple, ask others to speak about their favorite memory and truly celebrate your loved one's memory because even through they are not physically with you any longer, they live on within the story.

My philosophy is to tell the story of your loved one and creating within the memorial, a lovely way to bring closure to you and others and assist in the continuance of their legacy (anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor).

4.18.23 LINKS BELOW ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BEING UPDATE AND ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Kindly contact me and I will email you any or all prayers and readings while we are going through this process. Thank you.  Click Here.


More Prayers -different cultures and religions


I am Free


New Beginnings-Butterfly

A Time for Everything

Ceremonies of different faiths

Brief understanding of how different faiths look at memorial ceremonies.

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