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How to choose a officiant for your LGBTQ wedding ceremony
LGBT Wedding- Wedding Officiant Thoughts
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Marriage thoughts

How to choose a officiant for your LGBTQ wedding ceremony

As a non-denominational officiant I have had the pleasure  and honor in serving all blends of couples who have wedded.  My experience is that couples across the board including LGBTQ couples have many similarities when planning their wedding as "traditional" weddings . I emphasize the word traditional because for years the country placed man and a woman as the only couples getting marrying titling them bride and groom (this still could be to your wedding, but it is not necessary  always the case in LGBTQ weddings).

LGBT Wedding- Wedding Officiant Thoughts

First and foremost, I believe there is no one vendor or DYI tip or trick that is all inclusive of anyone's marriage/relationship preferences. Yet, what is apparent across the board by all couples about to marry is the desire to create a special and magical wedding day. Working with professionals that have your best interest at heart is extremely important. Professionals that bring easy to the couple's wedding day  when tempers can be short (you have worked really hard to get here), months of planning is final here and your deep desire for it to be perfect for you and your guest.

Brides, Weight, and Choice.

Wow, your engaged, immediately your onto planning every detail of your special day "The Wedding". Work, life, children, family, commitments, financial responsbilities, working with others to pull this all off and still have hair left to style on your big day.
Then, the cherry on top of it all, weight loss - because isn't that what every bride is expected to do too! Well I love it, overtime more and more brides are reading the memo and realizing to embrace, care and love who they are no matter what the dress size states (oh yeah did I mention most wedding dresses run larger in size (numbers) then they really are, e.

Marriage- between two people who wish to take the next step

I had the honor to officiate over a marriage between a couple this last weekend who had been together for 12 years. As we wrote and I recited their ceremony there was a statement within it that I have repeated many times, yet on this day made so much sense  and my heart deeply smiled for them.
"This celebration is but an outward sign of an inward union of heart, mind and spirit. This is a celebration of the joining of two hearts in love..two souls already attuned to on another.