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Five Wedding ‘Staples’ to Skip

The save the dates are in and the invitations on their way. In just a few short weeks, wedding season will be in full swing,along with the stressof the average $31,213 price tag for the happy couple and $592 average cost for guests. That’s according to the annual wedding report from The Knot and a recent survey by American Express.

With weddings and pre-wedding events already crowding the planner pages of every other spring and summer weekend, it’s time tothink budget.
Every year, the same financial concerns come up, and despite the whispered misgivings of the budget-conscious and financially-strapped, the unreasonable wedding culture continues.

Planning Your Wedding While Planning for the Future

Your wedding day should be special, with family and friends gathered to help you celebrate, the ceremony reflecting your love and the reception providing a perfect finale.

The last thing you want to be thinking as you walk down the aisle, or as youand your new spouse dance the first dance at the reception is "how will we pay for this?" The time to answer that question is well before the big day.

Setting a
budget for your wedding from the very beginning will make it easier to plan an eventthat is within your means.

Etiquette on Asking for Money vs. Gifts

Asking for money vs. a tangiable gift is still a sensitive subject, yet in these economic times it could very well be the most helpful way for the newlyweds to obtain what they really need. Elimating the dreaded task of returning gifts in duplicate and/or gifts that are not really needed in this season of their new lives together.
Below are some well written articles or advise on how to approach this subject with wedding guest and family memebers.

Before the Wedding and Honeymoon--It's Time to Discuss Your Credit Image

I" to "We”
Marriage shifts the focus from “I” to “We” in many ways.  One of the most significant areas for couples to understand is the impact their marriage will have on their credit image.
Up to this point, you may have been managing your finances separately.  With your marriage coming up, the credit “talk” should happen sooner rather than later.  It has been studied, quoted and written about for years how important communication about finances is to a successful marriage.