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I Do Today is an officiant service: marriage officiant and celebration of  life officiant, serving Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area. Dedicated to designing and assisting you in co- creating the perfect ceremony, along with additional resources for individuals, and/or families. 
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     First and foremost, I believe there is no one vendor or DYI tip or trick that is all inclusive of anyone's marriage/relationship preferences. Yet, what is apparent across the board by all couples about to marry,  is their desire to create a special and magical wedding day. Working with professionals that have your best interest at heart is extremely important. Professionals that bring easy to the couple's wedding day  when emotions can be short (you have worked really hard to get here), months of planning is finally here along with your deep desire for it to be perfect for you and your guests.

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Over the years I have had the honor in working with couples, partners of all faiths, demographics and individuality. The greatest gift I can give you is my ability to listen to you and the desires you have for your wedding ceremony. As non denominational officiant and a woman who believes in relationships of all races, color and preferences, I have come to respect that you must feel comfortable, at ease and freely express yourself  with me.
It is my honor and service to be able to relay this to your family and guest the day of your wedding through a wedding ceremony designed, co created with the focus on you as a couple.

It is my desire as an officiant to represent you as an individual who is now becoming part of a married couple within the content of your ceremony. I have a great respect for individuals who respect themselves enough to marry the person they love and would do anything for. I believe marriage is this very gift, it says more than I love you, it also says I respect you enough to take our relationship to the highest level of involvement.

I do believe that marriage for some is a  deep commitment first along with a legal document claiming to the world and this government that we are a couple and will live so for the rest of our lives. Yet, I do believe for some this is not as important as the actually commitment each one makes to the other within a ceremony in  front of family and friends. I am here to represent and convey your intentions.  

Jacqueline was amazing!!!! She made our wedding very special!!!!!

Funeral, Memorial, Celebration of Life, scattering at sea, ceremony, orange county, los angeles, orange county officiant, los angeles officant, funeral officiant, huntington beach, newport beach, Balboa, I realize many people do not have a home church or a minister to rely on. In these current times and in this economy, cost is a sensitive issue as well.
There is a growing trend toward unique, elegant and affordable memorial services that might not be held in a church or mortuary chapel.
Your ceremony (celebration) should be an authentic expression of your memories along with honoring the unique life experience of your loved one.
This service can be traditional, modern, and serious or not. I'm here to assist you in capturing the spirit of your loved one as you choose to remember them. Affirming your relationship this way, honors their life as well as your own need to begin the healing

 I serve all of Orange County and  the greater parts of Los Angeles County . My specialization is Beach Weddings and Scatterings at Sea.  I can travel to other counties and destination locations throughout the states and world.

Thank you for taking the time to browse through I Do Today.com’s website.  Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any personal questions you may have.    

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